Sydney, 3 May 2016 — 22 May 2016

15 Roylston Street [PO Box 282], Paddington 2021

Riverbend Glyphs
- G.W. Bot

G.W. Bot over a number of decades has developed her own personal language of landscape notation that she refers to as ‘glyphs’. These are marks that she has discovered in the landscape – including scribbles in the bark, broken twigs, shrubs and trees, marks on rocks and growth of moss – that in her drawings, relief prints, metal sculptures and ceramics become a form of an alphabet through which to relate a narrative about the Australian landscape and life itself. For many years, while in Canberra, she has admired Sidney Nolan’s Riverbend (1964), a ten metre long panorama that combined the Australian bush and mythology into one mighty lyrical vision.

G.W. Bot
G.W. Bot is a contemporary Australian printmaker, sculptor, painter and graphic artist who has created …
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