David Frazer – Artist Book, ‘More than Flesh and Bone’

In News March 19, 2023

Image above: David Frazer, Tom Waits & Kathleen Brennan  More than Flesh and Bone  2022, book cover.

David Frazer has published a new artist book, ‘More than Flesh and Bone’ with musician Tom Waits.

This handmade artist book interprets the songs “The Last Rose of Summer”, “Take it with me”, and “The Briar and the Rose” by Tom Waits and Kathleen Brennan.

“Thank you to my teacher mate who took me to see Tom Waits in concert in 1981 at Dallas Brookes Hall, Melbourne when I was 15,” David Frazer declares in a recent Instagram post announcing his book, “and also a big shout out to Tom Waits for the inspiration his music has given me over my 30 years as an artist!”

This hand-bound book contains 26 wood engravings, 1 linocut and typeset, all printed by hand by the artist, and includes an original linocut cover. Strictly limited edition of 30, each signed by Tom Waits and David Frazer. Each book contains a loose engraving signed by the artist.

Purchase online here. 

Tom Waits signing ‘More than Flesh and Bone’.