David Frazer – Book Feature, ‘Art in the Making’

In News December 4, 2022

Image above: Christopher Benson, Art in the Making: Essays by Artists About What They Do, 2022, book cover.

 We are pleased to share that David Frazer has been included in a publication by Christopher Benson, titled Art in the Making: Essays by Artists About What They Do.

This 452-page softcover book contains over 85 short illustrated essays by makers working in a wide range of artistic and artisanal fields, offering a glimpse into the personal motivations, methods, and reasons that people continue to make artistic things in our modern, technological age. 

In discussing his artistic practice, Frazer explains: “I am a cartoonist. I’ve never been interested in drawing or painting a bowl of fruit… In a life drawing class, I’d end up drawing the students drawing the model because that involved a narrative. The story is all I’ve ever been interested in, or the mood.”


Art in the Making is available for purchase from The Fisher Press website via this link.

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