Sydney, 25 Jul 2017 — 13 Aug 2017

15 Roylston Street [PO Box 282], Paddington 2021

The Moo Brew Etchings
- The Moo Brew Etchings

Highly celebrated, prolific and dynamic Australian artist John Kelly is well known for his graphic, vibrantly coloured etchings. With humour and intelligence Kelly boldly challenges the politics of the art world and pays homage to iconic Australian artworks in his masterfully crafted prints.
In his current exhibition The Moo Brew Etchings Kelly showcases the series of prints that began over a decade ago when Kelly used the Australian Council logo for an artwork, challenging the council’s strict stipulations about how the elements of the logo were represented. This artwork laid the foundation for a series of works in which Kelly placed elements of the logo into ironic contexts, as a comment on the Australia Council’s ‘branding’ and the corporatisation of art.

The Moo Brew Etchings
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