Fairlie Kingston – love of water

In News November 24, 2016

In her highly distinctive and engaging pictorial style, Fairlie Kingston depicts life on and around the shorelines of Sydney Harbour with enchanting nostalgia. Kingston’s ongoing fascination with water is explored through small-scale ceramic reliefs, her respect and devotion to both medium and subject matter tangible in each intricately detailed piece.

Strong black outlines define the edges of rugged rock formations stretching toward the horizon. Jetties, lighthouses and sprawling shorelines spring to life through a vibrant colour palette of aquas, deep browns, blues and creamy white.

Included in this collection of beachside scenes are 14 reliefs of ocean pools inspired by a “pool crawl” enjoyed by the artist during a heatwave in November 2015. Although drawn from her own experiences and observations Kingston’s works arouse in the viewer an unmistakable sense of recognition. The dappled trunks of eucalypts which adorn both Kingston’s ceramic tiles and vases are more than realist interpretations. Like all of her works these are celebrations of our unique natural surroundings and the way we interact with them. Kingston’s works are delightful representations of summertime in Australia spent on and around the artist’s beloved harbour.

Recent Ceramics showcases Kingston’s recent series of ceramic reliefs as well as a selection of cylindrical vases.

This exhibition can be viewed 7 days a week from 10am to 6pm at 15 Roylston Street, Paddington NSW until 4 December 2016.

To view the exhibition online and read more about the artist, click here.

Rosherville lighthouse

Forrest I

The Mahon Rock Pool, Maroubra Beach