Farewell Kerrie Lester

In Artist April 5, 2016

Kerrie Lester 1953 – 2016

It is with deep sadness that we farewell Kerrie Lester. Her two year battle with leukaemia caught up with her today.

This larger than life character endeared herself upon all those who crossed her path. She was always bold, vivacious and forthright. A true and genuine artist, creativity was her world. She awoke every morning with full embrace of it and her work reflected this with her joyful and optimistic view of ourselves and our daily activities.

A conversation without laughter was simply an impossibility on all encounters with Kerrie. She was funny and serious in the same breath, deliberate and devoted in her observations. If you own a Kerrie Lester it’s very likely you own three or four, such was the seduction of her stitched paintings.

As the representing gallery for Kerrie and her work we describe ourselves as both fortunate and privileged. Kerrie brought a spark to our gallery and created a large circle of followers. Her career was a success and the goodness that she felt towards life and its observations were sought after and fulfilled her loving audience.

I spent a goodbye hour with her on Saturday, she knew her departure was close and she truly was unwell. She had come to terms with her extremist situation but I observed a glow radiating from her face. Even facing death there was no hiding the inner and outer beauty of this great woman.

As I was leaving her last words to me were “I’ve pretty much done everything I wanted to do but I certainly would like more time to do more. The only thing is I wish I’d won the bloody Archibald”.

We both laughed.

Stuart Purves, 5 April 2016