Geoffrey Bartlett – Newhaven Public Art Commission

In News August 26, 2021

We are delighted to share these images from Geoffrey Bartlett in the final stages of the creation of his new sculpture, Alpha, for the Newhaven Public Art Commission.

After a year of working on the commission, the work is soon to be installed in Newhaven on Phillip Island in Victoria. The sculpture title, Alpha, pays homage to the first locally owned vessel in Newhaven, a cutter built in 1841.

Throughout his career, Geoffrey has drawn inspiration from shipbuilding, navigation and sailing. The dynamic and resilient nature of these forms and materials have been a regular motif in his works.

Alpha is a variation of one of Geoffrey’s past works. After reflecting on his previous sculpture, he had seen poetic potential in the form he had created, and was excited by the opportunity to explore those ideas within the context of the Newhaven harbour setting. The resultant work has been fabricated with his own hands, making it a unique piece for the Newhaven community.

Alpha explores the concept of latent energy and appears caught, in mid passage from departure to arrival. The form seems to billow as if drawn like sails by the wind to provide this harbour passage.’ – Geoffrey Bartlett

For more information on the commission, click here.