Kyoko Imazu – ‘Hiding Spots’ in the making

In News February 10, 2022

In anticipation of Kyoko Imazu’s upcoming exhibition Hiding Spots, we are excited to share with you these delightful studio images.

Kyoko Imazu’s practice encompasses a range of mediums such as printmaking, papercut, puppetry and installation, bookbinding and ceramics.

Kyoko’s work tells the stories of our often-overlooked neighbours like the weeds, bugs and pebbles that fill our everyday lives. Upon closer inspection, every petal, leaf and wing is miraculously unique; they all have their own stories and universes within; containing many states of life, death and regeneration. Imazu uses the stories of these tiny neighbours to imagine the worlds we cannot see with our own eyes.

Hiding Spots includes new and existing printmaking, ceramics and papercuts. This enchanting exhibition features a new series of etchings in which characters recalled from Kyoko’s childhood in Japan roam through Australian landscapes, creating a link between two different worlds, through the wonder of childhood.

‘I have been living in Australia for twenty years and during this time I have learnt to appreciate both where I come from, and where I am now. Having been away from Japan so many years I often find myself reflecting on the memories from my childhood, memories that have become very precious to me. 

One of my strongest memories is seeing imaginary little people and creatures in nature such as flowers, tree foliage and even on the wings of moths. These memories have continued to be a source of inspiration for my art practice.’ – Kyoko Imazu, 2021

Exhibition dates 8 – 26 March 2022

Photography: Oleksandr Pogorilyi