Peter D. Cole – ‘Material Culture’ Melbourne Design Week

In News March 17, 2022

Artwork details: Peter D. Cole  Still life  2022  mixed media  150 x 240 x 40 cm approx

Peter D. Cole’s new mixed media work Still life is now showing in the group exhibition Material Culture as part of Melbourne Design Week.

This exhibition is a dedication to the ongoing evolution of ‘material culture’ – an attempt to expand on conversations surrounding why and how things are made, and what social, functional, or symbolic needs they satisfy.

We’re often presented with competing ideas of old versus new, as if there is not value in both. We see it in all facets of our everyday lives. But, what if we did away with that distinction?

This exhibition offers a space for creatives, and guests alike, to imagine a world where yesterday’s ideologies and tomorrow’s innovations can coexist.

Featuring the work of sixteen designers, makers and artists, the exhibition encourages participants to embrace traditional and ultra-modern techniques in object design.

Each participant has created an object using a natural or cultural resource with a focus on tactility and materiality. Purposeful in nature, as defined by the participant, the object is a representation of the world they want to live in.

At The Above
198 Gertrude Street, Fitzroy VIC 3065

Exhibition Dates:
17 – 23 March 2022

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