Salon des Refusés 2016

In News July 19, 2016

The renowned Salon des Refusés exhibition is now showing at S.H Ervin Gallery in Sydney. This highly celebrated annual exhibition was first initiated in 1992, in response to the large number of works entered into the Archibald Prize not selected for hanging in the official exhibition. Its name comes from a similar event that started in Paris in 1863, also called Salon des Refusés and made famous by Emperor Napoleon III.

Australian Galleries congratulates Jasper Knight, Nerissa Lea, Glenn Morgan, Rodney Pople, Peter Stevens and Salvatore Zofrea whose works will be shown in the Salon exhibition until its conclusion in mid September.

Each year, after the judging for the Archibald Prize is complete, selectors from the S.H. Ervin Gallery go behind the scenes of the judging process, to select an ‘alternative’ exhibition from the many works not chosen as finalists for the official exhibition. The criteria for works selected are quality, diversity, humour and experimentation. This year’s selection panel included Catherine Benz, Delmar Gallery, Kon Gouriotis OAM, & S.H. Ervin Gallery Director Jane Watters. 

64 works were selected for the 2016 Salon des Refusés exhibition, 40 for the ‘alternative’ Archibald Prize & 24 from the Wynne Prize.

Visitors to the annual Salon des Refusés exhibition can vote for their favourite artwork in the Holding Redlich People’s Choice Award, the winner of this much anticipated award will be announced on 15 September 2016.



Pictured above: Salvatore Zofrea with sitter Maria Venuti, and his painting Maria Venuti, a woman of passion


Screen Shot 2016-07-19 at 12.34.15 PM

Jasper Knight Self portrait with bandaged head



Nerissa Lea The after Brack after Boucher nude


Glenn Morgan, Self-portrait in shed, Salon de Refuses 2017

Glenn Morgan Self portrait in shed