Sue Anderson: “Savouring moments of artistic escape”

In News June 20, 2020

“Two weeks into lockdown, wading through the bleakness of pandemic panic, impending winter, and the wild west of Collingwood’s tumbleweed backstreets, chance threw an unexpected lifeline. There it was, hemmed by a dispiriting trio of greys (footpath, road, sky) on my daily lunchtime limp to Smith Street: a glimmer of paradise. It beckoned from the front window of a gallery, a canvas catching its own brief dapple of sunshine. A painting of the far north, where the skies are cloudless and the world appears blindingly beautiful and bright.”


During our temporary closure, Sue Anderson’s beautiful Parrot Burst caught the attention of many passing by.

To read Liza Power’s full article, click here.

Image above: Sue Anderson  Parrot Burst  2019  oil on canvas  110 x 90 cm