2018 Australian Print Triennial

In News November 1, 2018

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The Australian Print Triennial is a major international art event spearheaded by The Art Vault that will bring together artists, academics, arts ambassadors and practising printmakers from Australia and overseas to engage in a celebration of art printmaking and its significance in modern Australia’s Art’s culture.

A feature of the event is the inaugural Australian Print Triennial Prize, worth over $10,000, along with workshops with experts, major international exhibitions, a forums with speakers including Robyn Archer, Reg Mombassa, Judy Watson, ex de Medici and Arone Meeks, community events, panels and debates plus a fabulous triennial dinner at Ampelon Gardens.

This year the Triennial will be judged by Emeritus Professor Sasha Grishin and Akky van Ogtrop, President of the Print Council of Australia.

Professor Grishin AM FAHA, a world renowned art historian, critic and curator, considered that The Art Vault was best placed to initiate such an important high profile and much needed national event.

“For almost two decades the Mildura Sculpture Triennials defined the nature of sculpture in Australia.  Unlike a major capital city, like Melbourne, Sydney or Canberra, where there are numerous cultural distractions, Mildura has the advantage being small and focused, like a natural ‘think tank’ devoted to particular art form.  Printmaking in Mildura, since the establishment of the Art Vault, has gained a strong institutional and social base and a rapidly growing national reputation amongst Australian printmakers.  A print triennial in Mildura has the potential of creating a national focus on printmaking and should with time set the agenda for printmaking in this country.  It is an exciting idea which I strongly support.” – Professor Sasha Grishin AM, FAHA

The following artists have been selected as finalists in the 2018 Australian Print Triennial:
Andrew Antoniou, Rosalind Atkins, Dean Brown, Jock Clutterbuck, Graham Fransella, David Frazer, Rona Green, Barbie Kjar, Glenda Orr

   ROS ATKINS mon-o-cul-tur-al-world
Rosalind Atkins, mon-o-cul-tur-al world (2016), engraving, 73 x 97 cm

 David Frazer The Tangled Wood (composition I) 2018 etching 80 x 120 cm

David Frazer, The Tangled Wood (composition I) (2018), etching, 80 x 120 cm


Rona Green, King of Punchbowl (2018), hand coloured linocut, 108 x 76 cm

Barbie Kjar, Vimal dalla Puglia (2018), drypoint, mokulito, watercolour, conté, 168 x 76 cm


Orr_Glenda_Off Setting_2017_ etching

Glenda Orr, Offsetting (2017), etching aquatint and spit bite on Hahnmuhle rag paper (2 plate), 118 x 132 cm

Configuration_ Andrew_Antoniou
Andrew Antoniou, Configuration (2017), etching, 50 x 40 cm

Jock Clutterbuck, Portal cartouche (2018), etching aquatint, 110 x 100 cm


Thursday 1st November 2018
Australian Print Triennial —Day 1

Morning: registration and free time to view exhibitions

Afternoon: Artists’ Workshops, Presentations and Demonstrations 1 – 4pm
Look hard at the material and respond appropriately (Wendy Murray)
Scraping to reveal the bright side (Bill Young and Geoffrey Ricardo)
George’s legacy: the Baldessin & Friends Folio – (Tess Edwards Baldessin, Jock Clutterbuck and Nicole Bowller)
Hand printing with barens for relief printing (Jennifer Marshall)
Mokulito – Part 1: Preparing a plate (Barbie Kjar)
Eco friendly printmaking using the Photopolymer Photogravure technique Part 1 (Silvi Glattauer)
The unfinished print – Part 1 (Raymon Arnold)
Can’t see the forest for the trees – Part 1 (Rosalind Atkins)



5pm – Opening of the Young Emerging Artists Exhibition at Deakin 27 Gallery (Jacqueline Millner Associate Professor, Visual Arts la Trobe University)
5.45pm – Exhibition by La Trobe students from Mungo at Deakin 29 – comments by Kylie Banyard
6pm – Opening of the Exhibition of Indigenous works at Deakin 31 opened by Roger Butler, National Gallery of Australia and introduced by co-ordinator Michael Kempson
6.30pm – The Art Vault Deakin 43 – Viewing of the finalists for the Print Award


Friday 2nd November 2018
Australian Print Triennial – Day 2

Morning: Artists Workshops, Presentations and Demonstrations 9am -12 noon
Senior Master/Custom Printmakers: shared secrets and possibilities (Theo Tremblay, Bill Young, Ruth Lingen, Martin King, Basil Hall Chair: Michael Kempson)
Putting your stamp on things (Kay Watanabe)
Water based screen printing: thinking in Layers (Joshua Searson)
A printmakers cookbook (Dianne Fogwell)
Mokulito – Part 2 Printing a plate (Barbie Kjar)
Eco friendly printmaking using the Photopolymer Photogravure technique – Part 2 (Silvi Glattauer)
The unfinished print – Part 2 (Ray Arnold)
Can’t see the forest for the trees – Part 2 (Rosalind Atkins)

12 – 1pm – Lunch at Mildura Arts Centre

12.30 – 1 – Launch of new print art books for 2018 in the foyer at MAC


Mildura Arts Centre

Chair: Sheridan Stewart (ABC radio national)
1 – 1.05pm – Welcome to Latji Latji and Barkindji country
1.05 – 1.20pm – Welcoming Address:  Julian Burnside AO QC introduced by Julie Chambers
1.20 – 2.10pm – Keynote Address: Prints of George Baldessin and Brett Whiteley:  A perspective from 2018 – Emeritus Professor Sasha Grishin AM FAHA
2.10 – 2.50pm – Keynote Address: Digital and traditional printmaking technologies – a contemporary perspective – Roger Butler AM Senior Curator Prints and Drawing National Gallery of Australia
2.50 – 3.20pm – Afternoon tea
3.20 – 4.10pm – Debate: Original prints have no place in a digital world (Anne Virgo, Roger Butler, Akky van Ogtrop, Ray Arnold, Ruth Lingen) Moderator: Sasha Grishin
4.10 – 4.50pm – Keynote Address: Printmaking from an Indigenous Perspective: Brian Robinson
5pm – Opening of the Mungo Exhibition – Welcome to Latje Latje country by Aunty Janine Wilson with didgeridoo by Corey Payne, introduction to the exhibition by Mungo elder, Aunty Mary Pappin, opened by Mark Eckel, Mayor of Mildura, introduced by Antonette Zema
5.45pm – Announcement of winner of Print Award and comments about the exhibition: (Judges for Print Award Emeritus Professor Sasha Grishin and Akky van Ogtrop President of the Print Council of Australia)

Saturday 3 November 2018
Australian Print Triennial —Day 3

General community workshop in the mall – Anita Laurence, John Pratt, Geoffrey Ricardo, and Bill Young – Who says you are no good at art

Mildura Arts Centre

Chair: Sheridan Stewart (ABC radio national)

9 – 9.30am – Opening Keynote – The Tenth Mildura Art Vault AddressDo We Care About Craft?    Robyn Archer AO CdOAL introduced by Helen Healy
9.30 – 10.10am – Keynote Address: Innovations and challenges facing print publishers and printers in the current environment – Ruth Lingen USA
10.10 – 10.35 – Morning Tea
10.35 – 11.25am – Brief talks followed by Q & A, The Marketing, Absorption and Branding of Prints (Stuart Purves, Anne Virgo and Roger Butler)
11.25am – 12.15pm – Four Short Presentations: The processes (psychological and physical) I go through to make my prints (Jazmina Cininas, Graeme Drendel, Kyoko Imazu, Ron McBurnie)
12.15pm – 1.15pm – Lunch
1.15 – 2pm – Two Short Keynote Addresses: Collaborations – Rosalind Atkins with eX de Medici, and Gali Weiss (The Afghanistan Project)
2 – 3pm – Three short presentations:  The importance of subject in prints (eX de Medici, Robert Hague, Christina Cordero)
3 – 3.30pm – Afternoon tea
3.30 – 4.15pm – Debate: Master Printmakers – a necessary evil  (John Pratt, Ray Arnold, Ruth Lingen, John Hart, Jock Clutterbuck, Akky van Ogtrop) – Moderator: Sasha Grishin
4.15 – 5pm – Andrew Stephens interviews GW Bot and Kasia Fabijanska
5 – 5.30pm – Remembering Tate Adams (Jock Clutterbuck)

7pm Triennial Dinner 

At Ampelon Gardens featuring local foods and wines accompanied by singer Nicky Crayson and her group

Sunday 4 November 2018
Australian Print Triennial Forum—Day 4

Mildura Arts Centre

Chair: Sheridan Stewart (ABC radio)

9.00am – 10am – Debate: Printmaking in art schools is incompatible with universities (Simon Cooper, Wendy Murray, Ron McBurnie, Michael Kempson, Jazmina Cininas,   Mark Dustin) – Moderator: Sasha Grishin
10am – 11am – Short talks: How do you get to be seen as a printmaker? (Rona Green, Trent Walter, Wendy Murray, Joshua Searson)
11am – 12pm – Five-minute presentations: Opportunities for future printmakers – APW, Baldessin Press, Megalo Print Workshop, Castlemaine Press, Union St Printmakers, Print Council of Australia, Canopy Art Centre, Warringah Printmaking Studio.
Open for print workshops and organisations to nominate to talk for 5 mins. If interested in presenting, please contact us by email: admin@aptmildura.com.au
12.30 – 4pm – Long Lunch on the banks of the Murray River with Stefano de Pieri for Registrants, VIP Guests, volunteers and Event Partners

Music by Press Gang and anyone else who would like to join in