2018 Melbourne Art Trams

In News November 7, 2018

From 1978 to 1993 the Transporting Art project saw local luminaries like Mirka Mora, Michael Leunig, Howard Arkley and Reg Mombassa making over Melbourne’s beloved W-Class trams with designs as distinctive as the city itself.

Melbourne Festival reignited this spark in 2013 and ever since the Melbourne Art Trams have been a visible reminder of the creative energies that drive this town.

Seven new tram transformations as imagined by Victorian artists will take to the tracks in October, including one that specifically responds to the artist’s interpretation of community.

2018 Melbourne Art Trams Artists:

Hayley Millar-Baker—tram ID 2009

David Larwill—tram ID 273
Stephen Baker—tram ID 2054
Valerie Tang—tram ID 2012
Oli Ruskidd—tram ID 3003
Troy Innocent—tram ID 5106
Nick Howson—tram ID 5002
Oslo Davis—tram ID 3532

Nick Howson—tram ID 5002

“Trams are made for people. They are part of the street; passing shops, parked cars, pedestrians. Commuters are packed in tight; office workers with their briefcases, university students carrying iPads, city shoppers, backpackers, and the splash of colour of high school blazers. There’s always a distant giggle of school children, music leaking from headphones, a few heavy sighs, but never a word spoken. As the tram takes a sharp right, and the people fly left, the only real noise is the rattling of the tram. When the doors fling open, its right back into the into thick of things; dodging the oncoming cyclists and pedestrians as the tram bell dings. I guess it must be more peaceful, looking down, phone in hand.” Nick Howson, 2018

Nick Howson

Vote for your favourite in the Melbourne Art Trams People’s Choice Award.

By voting you’ll go in the draw to win a $250 ticket voucher for next year’s Melbourne International Arts Festival, and the winning artist will pick up a $5,000 cash prize.

Follow this link to view interviews with all participating artists: