Jimmy Rix – 3rd International Desert Sculpture Symposium

In News August 23, 2020

Installation of this incredible sculpture by Jimmy Rix is currently underway at the 3rd International Desert Sculpture Symposium in Minqin, Northwest China. Located on the ancient Silk Road, Minqin is a hinterland oasis between the Tengger and Badain Jaran deserts. The annual Symposium has made Minqin a popular destination for tourists to see sculpture permanently located in the dramatic setting of the SuWu desert.

Each year around 40 artists, from both China and around the world, are selected to take part in the exhibition which is funded by the Chinese Government. Jimmy Rix is the second Australian artist to be included.

The theme of this year’s exhibition is ‘Jewels of the Silk Road’ and Jimmy’s sculpture titled Colossus of the Silk Road is a homage to the horse and the part it played in transporting goods via the Silk Road.

The photos below demonstrate the process of fabricating the sculpture on-site in China.China_v4China_v3China_v2