G.W. Bot – Aquifer: Art + Climate + Water

In News February 9, 2022

Image: G.W.Bot  Water Glyphs  2021  watercolour on Colombe paper  103 x 200 cm

Artist G.W. Bot is part of a territory-wide program of dialogue, events and exhibitions responding to the current climate crisis. AQUIFER: ART + CLIMATE + WATER brings a focus on inciting conversations on the impacts of climate change and draws attention to our responsibility to act now to preserve the fragility of our environment for future generations.

G.W. Bot will have work in two of the medley of exhibitions across the ACT; ‘Molecule’ at the Belconnen Art Centre, and ‘Carbon Neutral’ at Canberra Contemporary Art Space.


‘Molecule’ at the Belconnen Art Centre pays homage to the quintessential precious role of water in all life. The exhibition includes Australian Galleries artists GW Bot and Mandy Martin, as well as artists Alex Asch, Badger Bates, Alexander Boynes, Fiona Hillary, Glenn Loughrey and Simon Maberley.

Exhibition Details
Pivot Gallery and Generator Gallery, Belconnen Arts Centre
Opening 6pm Friday 11 February 2022
11 February – 27 March 2022

View more information at the Belco Arts website.


‘Carbon Neutral’, Curated by Alexander Boynes, address the climate crisis and attempts to add to the cultural wealth of our society without adding more carbon emissions. The exhibition aims to pose one question: how does an artist produce work to inspire hope and optimism to face the biggest challenge in our lifetimes, without leaving a carbon footprint? The artists include Jon Campbell, GW Bot, The River Yarners, Andrew Styan, Marzena Wasikowska, Louisa Waters and Anne Zahalka.

Exhibition Details
Canberra Contemporary Arts Space
Opening 6pm Friday 18 February 2022
18 February – 10 April 2022

View more information at the Canberra Contemporary Art Space website.