‘A Painted Landscape’ Book Launch and Exhibition

In News October 24, 2018

Just as Dorothea Mackellar’s words have a knack for swelling the metaphorical chest of many Australians with the evocative descriptions in her iconic encomium ‘My Country’, this book forms an aesthetic study of the Australian landscape as seen, experienced and expressed by the Australian artists who choose to paint it, and the connection to place that the artists have with particular geographical locations today. We have a rich legacy of legendary landscape painters in Australia, and this book is a curated collection of fifty artists working today, who are creating a rich and exciting vision of Australia’s remarkable landscapes. This is Australia in the 21st century through a specifically creative lens. Artistic styles, visual language and motivations are as broad as this sprawling country; and the visions they paint are refracted through very different imaginations. Together these fifty artists paint a vivid image of the incredible diversity of landscapes that make up this vast continent.

Amber Cresswell Bell’s latest book, ‘A Painted Landscape’ features a beautifully curated collection of Australian landscape painters. This publication and an exhibition of many of the works featured in the book will be officially launched on
Sunday October 28 by the author and Thames and Hudson at 270 Devonshire Street, Surry Hills, NSW from 11am to 1pm.

‘A Painted Landscape’ includes two immersive and evocative multi panelled oil paintings by Mary Tonkin. Another of Tonkin’s significant works ‘Pushmi-pullyou, Kalorama’, features on the book’s cover. ‘A Painted Landscape’ features a magnificent collection of paintings in oil and in gouache by Belynda Henry. This exhibition will run from 25 October to 4 November 2018. For details visit http://www.ambercreswell.com/a-painted-landscape/

A Painted Landscape invite


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