‘A Yarn with Camie Lyons’ by Jennine Primmer

In News November 16, 2019

“I think the most powerful thing about an artist residency is the opportunity to be taken out of regular life, to be dropped in a place that’s very ‘other’ with nothing to do but make and create. Away from the interruptions of ‘adulting’ and mothering, the days were all mine. I could read all night, create all day without interruption. I relished and reveled in the freedom and I exhausted myself physically, experimenting all day.” –  Camie Lyons


Ahead of the launch of her current exhibition at Bathurst Regional Gallery, friend and fan of Camie’s work, Jennine Primmer, visited Camie’s Dulwich Hill studio to discuss her participation in the Hill End Artists in Residence Program in 2018.

To read the interview, click here.

Taking inspiration from the lives of Hill End’s gold rush era inhabitants, Camie immersed herself in the physical art-making process: dragging branches back to Haefliger studio, digging clay, and embarking on her usual mark making frenzy with sticks, stones and ochers found on site. The resulting work is the beginning of a new-found hybrid artistic language for Camie – a rich seam of ‘gold’ which will inform her practice for many years to come.

The resultant suite of works created during this residency are currently on display at Bathurst Regional Gallery in the exhibition, ‘A Physical Response’ which runs until Sunday December 1, 2019.

Image above: Camie Lyons, courtesy of Southern Wild Co.