Andrew Antoniou – ‘Exit The King’ at Swan Hill Regional Gallery

In News August 10, 2021

Image above: Andrew Antoniou The King & His Madness 2021  charcoal and conte crayon  140 x 180 cm

‘Exit the King’ is an upcoming exhibition of drawings by Andrew Antoniou based on the absurdist play by Eugene Ionesco.

The play ‘Exit The King’ is one that has continued to ask questions and challenge our understanding of humanity. The portrayal of The King and his court, in the last hours of his life, give us a picture of a fading ruler beset by fears of his mortality, disloyalty and diminishing power and influence. Within the play there is absurdity mixed with tragedy, love with suspicion, delusion with hard reality.

Andrew Antoniou brings these elements together within the proscenium of the page and allows the symbolic and metaphoric to play their part in the script of this powerful drama.

The exhibition opens at Swan Hill Regional Art Gallery on Friday, 20 August and will be current until Sunday, 3 October 2021. For more information, click here.