Art in the Vines at Hanging Rock Winery

In News November 25, 2020

Image above: Jimmy Rix  St George and the Dragon II  Corten steel

Following on from two hugely successful Art in the Vines sculpture exhibitions in 2018/19 and 2019/20, Hanging Rock Winery is pleased to present a new exhibition for the 2020/21 season, Art in the Vines – The Renaissance including sculpture by Australian Galleries represented artists Jock Clutterbuck, Tim Jones, James Parrett, Geoffrey Ricardo and Jimmy Rix.

Renowned Exhibition Curator, Malcolm Thomson – who for the third consecutive year has been engaged to deliver Art in the Vines, has worked with 25 artists on the exhibition. These are predominantly highly acclaimed artists – leaders in their field, a strong contingent of which reside in the Macedon Ranges and Central Victoria.

The timing of the exhibition aligns with our re-emergence as a society from the challenging times we currently find ourselves in. It was indeed these unprecedented times that inspired us to shift the focus of this year’s exhibition from what was originally intended.

So, in determining our theme for 2020/21, with COVID-19, self-isolation, quarantine and social distancing currently dominating our day-to-day lives, Malcolm invited the artists to create sculptures that either reflect and capture these challenging times or alternatively focus on the future direction of their work – in essence, their renaissance.

Exhibition dates: 21 November 2020 – 21 March 2021. Click here for more information

Jock Clutterbuck

Landscape with Passing Clouds is an abstract sculpture inside a formal motif of balance, harmony and tension, with an allegorical relationship to the notion of landscape.jock-clutterbuck-2-wftowjoqwdvnJock Clutterbuck  Landscape with Passing Clouds  fabricated and cast aluminum, burnished and lacquered

Tim Jones

The origins of Jones’ motif of leafless storm-blown tree lie in his deep study of William Blake’s minute wood engraving ‘Blasted Tree and Flattened crops’ 1820-21. Blasted Blue Tree 2020 is an enlarged version of a studio work that comprised part of a series of small bronzes made over fifteen years ago, entitled The Blasted Trees.

This is the maquette. If you wish to purchase this sculpture it will be cast in bronze.JonesTim Jones  Blasted blue tree (maquette)  fibreglass and pigment

James Parrett

M-twentythree as always was initially inspired by the aesthetic potential of the circular form and what can be achieved through the dissection and reconfiguration of radial arcs. James strives to challenge and defy a viewer’s expectation, creating visual intrigue with shapes and the points of intersection between lines, shapes and curves. Being able to create a ridged form that conveys a fluid movement is his ultimate goal.james-parret-wfnyrvptmedfJames Parrett M-twentythree  mild steel and automotive paint


Geoffrey Ricardo

A storied structure of a skeletal tree reaching upwards to the sky, a questioning of our part in nature.geoffrey-ricardo-wfyikcqvtmmeGeoffrey Ricardo  The Articulations  resin, fibreglass and stainless steel

Jimmy Rix

The medieval story of St George and the Dragon has been depicted by artists throughout the ages. A story about a hero coming to the rescue of a fair maiden and the townspeople who were terrorised by an evil force.Screenshot 2020-11-25 at 2.15.16 pmJimmy Rix  St George and the Dragon II  Corten steel