Ross Harvey


Sydney based artist Ross Harvey has always been fascinated by how to represent the three-dimensional world around us on a flat surface. He was able to fulfill his childhood dream of becoming an artist by studying art at Julian Ashton Art School, where he felt fortunate to discover tonal realist painting and academic drawing. That training and a lifelong study of the techniques of the old masters have facilitated his journey as a classical realist painter.

Harvey’s work combines classical elements of painting such as careful drawing, solid forms, constructed depth and planned composition, with the patient exploration of the secret life of things. Being quite short-sighted, he is used to examining things closely and in great detail, still life enables him to express this in painting. While Harvey spends his life in the pursuit of beauty and excellence, his vision of a perfect picture has evolved as he matured as an artist.

Harvey has been successfully exhibiting since 1980 and has had 12 solo shows since then. He has also been a winner of numerous prestigious awards such as the Mortimer Art Prize and the Hornsby Art Prize as well as a finalist in the international competitions such as the Salon of the Art Renewal Center, New York, Winsor and Newton Millenium Art Prize, London. He has also taken the second prize in the International Artist Magazine, Worldwide Still Life Competition and participated in group exhibitions at Lethbridge Gallery, Eva Breuer Art Dealer, Western Galleries, Penrith Regional Gallery and Artarmon Galleries.