Sophie Perez

As an artist, my practise has been a colourful exploration, intimately entwined with the expressive power of paint—a medium that speaks to me with its infinite possibilities. My work is a reflection of the diverse environments I’ve encountered, from my love of running and being in nature.

Driven by intuition and a profound connection to the world, I approach each canvas as a dialogue between myself and the essence of place. Each brushstroke is a visceral response, an attempt to capture the rhythm and spirit of the landscape rather than a mere representation.

My artistic process is a deep immersion, discovering the heart of each place. Through bold gestures and delicate nuances, I aim to convey the soul of the environment, inviting viewers to embark on their own emotional exploration. Mark making is my language, and paint is my voice.

For me, painting transcends observation—it’s an invitation to connect with the beauty and complexity of our surroundings. Through my obsession to paint, I seek to forge meaningful connections that bridge the gap between artist and audience, celebrating the shared experience of the world around us.