Belynda Henry – Arts-Matter Interview

In News December 17, 2020

Arts-Matter recently hosted an evening at Australian Galleries to celebrate the opening of Belynda Henry’s current solo exhibition, “To Paint is to Love.”

Following the event, Arts-Matter connected with Belynda and floral sculptor, Tracey Deep, for an interview about the show, their creative processes, and the role of artists in today’s troubling times.

The idea for the exhibition was born from a conversation with a creative partner and the writer for my upcoming book, “To Paint Is to Love.” It was suggested as a parallel to Henry Miller’s book, “To Paint Is to Love Again.” It is something that is going on for me at the moment on a deeply personal level. Miller wrote, “to paint is to love again, live again, see again.” I feel like I’m seeing my work and path into more abstract work in a new light. And of course, I have always loved to paint.‘ – Belynda Henry, 2020.

To read the full interview, click here.


Photography courtesy of Manolo Campion

Artwork above: Belynda Henry  Golden summer with yellow and pink  2020  oil and wax on canvas  197 x 183 cm
Belynda Henry  Ordinance 1  2020  oil and wax on canvas  182 x 152 cm