Belynda Henry: Talking with Painters

In News November 29, 2019

The below interview with Belynda Henry was captured by Maria Stoljar from Talking with Painters at the opening of ‘Waterfalls and Waterholes’ in Sydney earlier this week. Talking with Painters is a podcast and collection of YouTube videos where Maria talks with Australian painters about their lives and art. The podcast is full of the personal stories of the painters of Australia  – not only as to how they live and work as artists but how they became an artist in the first place and what they’re working on now.

To hear more from Belynda about her work, you can listen to Maria’s earlier audio interview with Belynda in episode 17 of the podcast. Click here to listen.



Image above: Belynda Henry  The Blue Water  2019  oil on canvas  111 x 111 cm