Camie Lyons – Interview with The Grace Tales

In News February 4, 2021

Camie Lyons recently sat down with The Grace Tales‘ Georgie Abay for an intimate conversation about art and life.

Throughout the interview Camie spoke with Georgie about the thrills, challenges, and misconceptions of life as a working artist. Following her initial career as a professional dancer through her transition to sculpture and how connections between the two inform her continually evolving practice. 


‘It was a really, really long time ago now, a lifetime ago now, but still, my formative years as a dancer shapes my every day. I prefer not to reminisce as to just think of it all as a whole, this journey – the tools learnt during that time, the disciple, the hard work, the spatial thinking, the practice, the lack of cash and the hours of mastering difficult movements and choreography, all carry me directly into my now artist studio each day. The output has just changed, from the ephemeral quality of dance to the very present existence of sculpture. It takes all those early lessons learnt to produce work and push through each day, it’s a very physical practice the making of bronze sculpture.’ – Camie Lyons.


To read the full interview, click here.


Above photography courtesy of The Grace Tales


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