Danielle Creenaune – Printmaking Today (UK)

In News November 16, 2021

Danielle Creenaune has recently been featured in the print making magazine, Printmaking Today, in which she shares insight into her working routine as an artist.

We are pleased to be able to share the text from Danielle’s feature, courtesy of the artist and Printmaking Today.

My printing days are often the best days of my week. I have a small studio a few metres from my house in Wollongong, a coastal town south of Sydney, Australia. I’m surrounded by nature, with a creek running thorough the backyard. The natural environment permeates my work and this backdrop of sounds, trees, native birds and water seep into my studio days. The rhythm changes throughout the day depending on the demands of life, work and family as I move between printmaking and raising my seven year-old daughter.’

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Image above: Danielle Creenaune  Crystal  2020  lithograph and mokulito  60 x 42 cm