A selection of works
- Thornton Walker

‘Suffolk sheep and a still life.
The drawings of the Suffolk sheep were done during a short residency in March 2018 at Porcupine Ridge Sculpture Park in a bush setting near Daylesford. It was a month after my mother died and in this peaceful environment, I had the space and quiet to reflect on her passing and my place in a changed world. Black faced sheep grazed outside my studio and became my subjects and companions during my stay, with their inquisitive nature and quirky expressions they were perfect subjects for ink and gouache drawings.

Emily Dickinson’s short poem resonated with me at this time, and I included it in some of the drawings:

‘In this short lifeThat only lasts an hourHow much – how little – is
Within our power’

In the still life, the bowl, shell and pears are arranged vertically, one above the other, remembering a Japanese aesthetic I had seen the previous year in Japan. The paper is from Moulin de Laroche paper mills, France. With its rough surface and asymmetrical shape, it becomes an essential part of the work complementing the realism of the objects.’ – Thornton Walker, 2023

Thornton Walker
Thornton Walker was born in Auckland, New Zealand in 1953, and emigrated to Australia, settling …
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