Melbourne, 4 Jun 2024 — 22 Jun 2024

35 Derby Street [PO Box 1183], Collingwood 3066

- Alex Kosmas

The 9 works in this exhibition celebrate a decade (2014 – 2024) of Alex Kosmas’s sculptural explorations. They represent different but related directions in his art, and each powerfully asserts Kosmas’s continuing journeys into the language and processes of sculpture. His is an art that reveals the primacy of making. For him the intricacies and convolutions of intimate engagement with his materials (here essentially ceramic and bronze) and the fashioning of these into resolved and significant sculptural expressions was, and remains his chief artistic raison d’être. This does not mean that his productions do not hold meaning. Rather it is the means that articulates and holds any meaning, that is prime for Kosmas. From his student days at the (then) Canberra School of Art in the 1980s his search for a personal creative language would be based on gaining a deep and considered understanding and ultimate control of his chosen materials and the forms in which those would be expressed. Kosmas has worked diligently at fine-tuning his understanding of medium and how that best conveys plastic intent, The achievement of the correct syntax of sculptural elements through his masterful manipulation and understanding of medium and the elision of the right formal components with these, is a given in his art and results in masterful sculptural statements.

The natural world and the effects on it by man’s interventions are invested with a powerfully beautiful presence in Precious and Large Nexus. In the former the artist’s use of a significant amount of gold leaf gives special prominence to the title. The combination of gold trunk and branches with the silvery simmer of the leaves, is both alluring and allusive. Connotations of precious gems, items of jewellery, and the like are insinuated in rather overt ways. The extension to the preciousness of the natural world as held in the image of the tree becomes equally present. Kosmas here uses his aesthetic means to give voice to environmental concerns. The latter though, as always in his art, are subdued in favour of a captivating visual éclat.

Alex Kosmas is a consummate maker; an artist with a sophisticated understanding and control of material, form and surface, and the successful aesthetic resolution of the elision of these. He continues to produce commanding sculptural objects in a visual language that is his manifestly is own.

– excerpt from essay ‘Alex Kosmas – Sculpture’ by Peter Haynes, May 2024

Alex Kosmas
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- Alex Kosmas
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