New works
- Belynda Henry

I’m obsessed by the landscape; landscapes move me, their colours inspire me.’ – Belynda Henry, 2019

Highly celebrated artist Belynda Henry has a deep and enduring appreciation for Australia’s unique landscape. Belynda has been painting professionally for almost three decades, evolving her imagery and exploring new media and techniques with each new series of paintings. Her distinctive visual language masterfully alludes to the forms found in nature through the use of contoured patterns and vibrant colour harmonies. Far more than realist interpretations, her works are potent with feeling, their impression captivating, lyrical and dreamlike.

Henry’s works are a personal and emotive response to the beauty, resilience and the vulnerability of our Australian landscape.

In this exhibition of recent works on paper, Henry continues to experiment with and push her process of mark making, and continues her explorations into both expressionistic and abstracted painting styles.

“As New York art critic Nixon Marters said, ‘An abstracted landscape is a metaphor for the artist’s emotional landscape, not the physical one’. I must admit there is a lot of truth to that for me for now.”  Belynda Henry, 2021

Belynda Henry
Artist Belynda Henry, as a multiple Wynne and Archibald prize finalist, is one Australia’s leading …
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