Sydney, 22 Mar 2022 — 10 Apr 2022

15 Roylston Street [PO Box 282], Paddington 2021

Bush Calligraphy – about close observations & things of wonder
- Camie Lyons

Surrounded by whispering giantsWren lyrics and the big aching green roar of vast lungsMy gracious guardians – silent souls, nursing me safe in their limbsTwirling dervish leaves tumble through the glinting space, catching my eyes as a thousand tiny hearts scamper.

Soft colour of dank undergrowth,Still bleached from past sun,

Hard light in constant verticals, punctuating my every vista.’

Always the underpinning of bombastic blue …….. then I trip and go down down down the wombat hole, chasing the glistening promise of all this fodder.

Drawing upon her experience as a contemporary dancer, and a deep connection to the natural world, Lyons’ works are infused with an understanding of the organic possibilities of line, form, rhythm and movement. Her work is fluid and physical, playing with the balance and tension between positive and negative space in both her two and three-dimensional works.

Lyons was awarded residences in 2020 and 2021, with Umbi Gumbi on the South Coast of NSW and BigCi Creative Ground in the ancient landscape of the Blue Mountains. These completely immersive experiences allowed for extensive explorations of rugged landscapes, as well as her own artistic processes. Lyons’ dedicated focus amid a wellspring of inspiration from nature has culminated in a powerful and poignant series of bronze sculptures, paintings and her distinctive line drawings.

’It is such a gift, residency time, to be removed from your everyday and set free to use this time and space as you wish – to soak it up, to taste and feel, to let that perfume your creativity.  Time becomes elastic with no other obligations, my day dictated by bursts of making, reading, periods of contemplation and observation. The best surprises come from experimenting – throwing stuff about, getting obsessed over some small thing and following that to its conclusion, or wandering onto an entirely new path of endless possibilities. This fever of making has led the way into a new body of work. Kissed by both the bush and sea, this series is my love letter to the Australian landscape.’ – Camie Lyons, 2021

Camie Lyons
Camie Lyons is a Sydney-based artist that works across a variety of mediums including sculpture, …
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