Melbourne, 3 Aug 2021 — 13 Nov 2021

28 Derby Street [PO Box 1183], Collingwood 3066

Fields of Colour
- Nick Dridan – Phillip Edwards – Michelle Hiscock

Fields of ColourĀ presents us with a contemporary interpretation of the great tradition of landscape painting through the eyes of three accomplished artists.

Working in the medium of watercolour and taking inspiration from the natural world, Nick Dridan, Phillip Edwards and Michelle Hiscock each possess a distinctive visual style and an individual approach to interpreting the landscape.

The genre of classical landscape painting is particularly attentive to what lies beneath, to the palimpsest of the land, the memory embedded in the earth. This theme remains a key feature of these contemporary works. The interplay between memory and nature, what is observed and what is imagined are poignantly reflected throughout these diverse watercolours.

From refined, representational compositions to abstracted interpretations of natural forms, these engaging works celebrate the gestural fluidity of watercolour and evoke the moods, grandeur and mystery of the natural world.

Nick Dridan – Phillip Edwards – Michelle Hiscock
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