Melbourne, 7 Jun 2022 — 25 Jun 2022

35 Derby Street [PO Box 1183], Collingwood 3066

Covid Madness
- Glenn Morgan

Glenn Morgan’s instantly recognisable mixed media works exude a whimsical, cartoon-like quality that belies the often serious political and social message within. A passionate advocate for social justice, his integrity, sense of humour and masterful skill as a storyteller are always present in his works.

The raw honesty and openness in his vibrant sculptures immediately engage the viewer, drawing us in for a closer look and asking us to consider our response to the unabashed opinions expressed within the work.

Glenn Morgan’s latest body of work; Covid Madness, offers a very personal and poignant response to the tumultuous events of the past few years. As always, Morgan’s passionate messages are conveyed with humour, whimsy and profound emotion.

‘This body of work is mainly inspired by the chaotic images of the appalling behaviour of the so called ‘freedom marchers’ that were beamed into our homes on TV. I just couldn’t believe people could behave so badly. Images appeared of police horses being punched and struck with flag poles, dogs being kicked, people being punched, reporters and tv crews attacked, nurses harassed and abused not to mention the disrespectful behaviour at the Shrine of remembrance.

All for what? Sorry, I just don’t get it.

We also had reports of many people giving up their careers because they refused to get vaccinated. Sorry, I still don’t get it.

The past couple of years have been difficult, but have supplied me with a lot of source material to make images from.’

Glenn Morgan, 2022

Glenn Morgan
Glenn Morgan’s somewhat whimsical paintings and sculptures are bright, bustling scenes of figures and movement. …
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