Melbourne, 8 Mar 2022 — 26 Mar 2022

35 Derby Street [PO Box 1183], Collingwood 3066

Abstraction & Bronze
- Group Exhibition

Abstraction & Bronze presents a dynamic collection of recent works and earlier key pieces by a selection of artists working in two distinct mediums; abstract painting, and bronze sculpture.

This exciting exhibition showcases the unique ways in which abstract artists utilise colour, shape, pattern and line work as a means of exploring geometric as well as expressive, organic forms.

Abstract contours, tessellation, and fragments of familiar forms emerge from these captivating works, encouraging us to open our imaginations to analogy and ambiguity.

In contrast to the vibrant two-dimensional works is an extensive collection of bronzes by a significant group of contemporary sculptors. Working with bronze is a highly skilled craft, as is evident in this magnificent showcase of diverse pieces from figurative, to abstract and geometric works.

From the bold and expressive to the deeply contemplative, these paintings and sculptures are exhibited in engaging vignettes, inviting the viewer to make associations and connections between myriad techniques, mediums and styles.

Group Exhibition
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