Sydney, 19 Jul 2022 — 7 Aug 2022

15 Roylston Street [PO Box 282], Paddington 2021

- Jimmy Rix

Jimmy Rix’s sculptures often relate to personal experiences and encounters with animals. Whether decades-long, or fleeting, for the artist these connections are always meaningful. Having lived within both natural and farmed Australian landscapes throughout his life, rebellious kangaroos, majestic owls, loved household pets as well as wild visitors such as foxes and ravens are recurring protagonists in his narrative-based works. 

‘In 2019, I saw a Starling standing on the back of my cow eating insects and from this observation I made a sculpture. This piqued my interest in symbiotic and ecological relationships between different animal species, and I went down a rabbit hole of researching this. I was astonished by how many symbiotic relationships there are between animal species. I hope my exhibition invites people to look at these relationships, take responsibility, and care for them.’ – Jimmy Rix, 2022

Symbiosis is a celebration of the myriad connections and relationships within the animal kingdom; from kangaroos providing the fur to line Brown Headed Honey Eaters’ nests, to ravens alerting wolves to nearby danger, to spiders making their homes in the antlers of deer.

Rix’s masterfully realised sculptures in Corten steel and bronze are imbued with sensitivity, warmth and deep reverence for the animals he observes. These poignant pieces draw the viewer in, and ask us to consider the beautiful complexities of the natural world and our own inherent connection to the environment.

Jimmy Rix
Jimmy Rix’s sculptures often relate to personal experiences and familiar objects. Having lived within both …
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