Melbourne, 25 Aug 2022 — 17 Sep 2022

28 Derby Street [PO Box 1183], Collingwood 3066

Order, Chaos, Colour & Space
- Margie Sheppard

Meet the Artist 2pm Saturday 27 August 2022

‘These works come after a lifetime of figuration in prints and paintings. Over the last eight or nine years, however, the narratives of the past have evolved into investigations of colour and spatial relationships through the use of geometrical forms.

The paintings use the simplest forms – quadrilaterals, arcs, triangles – within the safety of a grid. However, there are some surprises within these parameters. The grid becomes less stable, so that the shapes start to spin off, resulting in an uneasy tension between stability and unpredictability.

Colour-shape relationships and considerations of scale are also paramount – hence the title of the show, Order Chaos Colour and Space.

My hope is that the paintings allow for an exchange of energy, have lasting visual interest and are emotionally expansive.’ – Margie Sheppard, 2022


Margie Sheppard
Margie Sheppard lives at Kangarilla, in the Adelaide Hills in South Australia, where she works …
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