Window into the woods
- Stephanie Jane Rampton

The poignant and intricately detailed works of Stephanie Jane Rampton reveal the artist’s deep reverence for her natural surroundings, as well as her mastery of the etching process. These works profoundly evoke the feeling of being immersed within a landscape, drawing us in to appreciate every minute detail of the way a leaf has fallen, the bend of a twig or the shape of a pebble, while simultaneously expressing the power and majesty of the canopy of trees, the vastness of the skyline.

“The narrative of our lives is intimately tied to the places in which memories have been made. We accrue history through our surrounds, and this is bound to our sense of identity and belonging. My work examines the meaning of place. Recollections of an English childhood are entwined with the Australian landscape. In forests, in woods or on riverbanks, history is told through branches, bark, leaves and undergrowth. Fragments bring memories of place and time. Each viewer brings their own story and makes a connection with their own memories.”  – Stephanie Jane Rampton

Stephanie Jane Rampton
UK born Stephanie Jane Rampton obtained a degree in Art and Design in England in …
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