Melbourne, 27 Sep 2022 — 15 Oct 2022

28 Derby Street [PO Box 1183], Collingwood 3066

Elsewhere World – To see the bones and tombstone at once
- Raymond Arnold

Artist Talk 2pm Saturday 1 October 2022′

‘There is nothing of the void about this magnificence. Instead this space, inside this cosmic envelope is everywhere vectored, scored by ordinate and abscissa, marking out the numberless sites of an always potential Pragnanz. (German for Good Figure). For form is possible everywhere. Rosalind Krauss ‘The Optical Unconscious’ pp 186

I’ve been living across the Mt Arrowsmith divide in Western Tasmania for many years and within that cosmic envelope.

In my eighth decade the void looms but for now form is possible everywhere.

My ‘Elsewhere World’ etchings have also been in development for some time and they have ‘shape-shifted’ from an initial small plein air fragment of a rocky landscape on the slopes of Mount Lyell to a large panoramic image involving a swathe of sooty blacks and glacial whites. From a depiction of random/‘erratic’ forms to a flow of mining impacts across rocky terrain. The prints mirroring the landscape’s bones i.e. the rock and the tree stumps exposed as textural elements by the ‘sgraffito’ of etched line. It’s my etching ‘swansong’.

Other components of this exhibition, including the assemblage of paintings under the collective title of The Road to Other, pick up on another cavalcade of portentous sites along the road axis into the trashed valleys of the West Coast Range watershed. Initially glimpsed in the final moments of a long journey in a type of trance, with my feelings amplified by dazzling afternoon light, the works are developed ‘plein air’ encounters and studio follow ups rendering the graphic ossuary.’  – Raymond Arnold, 2022

Raymond Arnold
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