Sydney, 5 Sep 2020 — 27 Sep 2020

15 Roylston Street [PO Box 282], Paddington 2021

Travel paintings
- Bruce Latimer

“I made these paintings in response to things seen on my travels in Europe. At the time I don’t think of them in terms of subject matter. It’s only when I get home and examine my mountain of photos that possibilities appear — the peculiarities of flamingos in the South of France, an unexplainable dried orange light fixture in a Berlin shop window or simplicity and power of Gerhard Richter’s stained glass in Cologne Cathedral.

The process of visual improvisation begins by looking for some kind of sense by juxtaposing friendly but disparate components. Hopefully the combination succeeds in making the impossible seem possible.

These are oil paintings on copper – a slippery and non-absorbent surface. I prefer to paint thinly so that the warm reflective metal at times appears, a reminder of the physicality of the object.”

– Bruce Latimer, 2020

Bruce Latimer
Painter and printmaker Bruce Latimer completed a Diploma of Fine Arts at the National Art …
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