Melbourne, 20 Aug 2021 — 19 Sep 2021

35 Derby Street [PO Box 1183], Collingwood 3066

- Group Exhibition

Seascapes presents us with a contemporary exploration of the great tradition of maritime art through the works of a diverse group of accomplished artists. Maritime art dates back to ancient times, and to this day the ocean’s natural beauty provides endless inspiration to artists and viewers alike.

Although drawn from their own experiences and observations, the pieces in this exhibition stir in the viewer an unmistakable sense of recognition.

Some portray the natural world through a realistic lens, celebrating the magnificence of the ocean, be it still and peaceful or stormy and dramatic. Others use the vast depths and myriad moods of the sea to explore the human condition and evoke an emotional response.

Through painting, printmaking, sculpture, and drawing, Seascapes will immerse you in a world of unmistakeable beauty and wonder.

Group Exhibition
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