Graeme Peebles – Groep van Roey Print Commission

In News August 2, 2022

Image above: The two intaglio plates Graeme has been working on for the print commission

Congratulations to Graeme Peebles who has been selected as a part of the 2023 Groep Van Roey Print Commission.

Every 3 years, the Belgian construction corporation, Groep van Roey commission 7 international artists to produce a print portfolio based on an environmental theme. The theme for 2023 is water.

Participation is by invitation only, and Graeme is the first Australian artist to be selected.

Each artist produces 2 intaglio plates which are purchased by Groep van Roey. The plates are then sent to the Acierage Manoulier in Paris where they are steel faced. The plates are then sent to the international print workshop, Terra Sagrada, in Portugal, where an edition of 300 is printed off of each plate.

Every artist receives 10 copies of their own prints, plus one copy of the portfolio. The other 283 portfolios are all gifted to national museums, public galleries, organisations such as UNESCO, political leaders and art collectors throughout Europe.