Hi-Vis Futures: Alexander Boynes and Mandy Martin with Sound by Tristen Parr

In News November 15, 2019

High-Vis Futures is a collaboration between Mandy Martin, Alexander Boynes and musician Tristen Parr at Canberra Museum and Gallery.

The sequence of sound, video projection and mixed media art depicts the intimate connection between industry, carbon emissions and the end of the fossil fuel era. As such, the installation encompasses the complex political, environmental and fundamental social issues that are occurring right now and for the visible future. From a lurid dawn to a massive open cut coal pit fire, these are dramas on an epic scale with fatal consequence.

In tandem with the exhibition runs an extensive public program suitable for all ages. For more information on the upcoming events, click here.

The exhibition will be opened by Alicia Payne MP on Friday 15 November and runs until Saturday 1 February 2020.

Image above: Alexander Boynes and Mandy Martin with Tristen Parr  Rewriting the Score  2019  mixed media on canvas, 3 Channel 4K video with stereo sound  (Image courtesy of Canberra Museum and Gallery and the artists)