Jeanne Santoso

Jeanne Santoso - Australian Galleries
Gallery Assiatant

Jeanne joined Australian Galleries in 2023. She completed a Bachelor of Commerce, majoring in Finance at the University of Melbourne and proceeded to work in the Real Estate Industry. Amidst the gloomy uncertainty of 2020, Jeanne made the scary but exciting decision to follow her passion for the arts. She returned to her Alma Mater, completing a Master of Arts and Cultural Management program where she was a recipient of the Melbourne Graduate Scholarship.

Favourite artists of all time: Vincent van Gogh & Srihadi Soedarsono

Favourite artwork of all time: Landscapes by Soedarsono and van Gogh’s wheat field paintings – I especially love the blues and yellows used by both artists in these set of paintings. 

Favourite pastime/hobbies: reading, writing, cooking meals at home, zoning out with some music in the background, and turning my diffuser on with a few drops of essential oils to zone out and unwind.