Jennifer Keeler-Milne – Artist in Residence, Bali

In News October 22, 2023

Image above: Jennifer Keeler-Milne at her artist residency in Bali, Indonesia.

Jennifer Keeler-Milne has recently undertaken a residency as part of the DESA Artist-In-Residence Program in Ubud, Bali. This program supports artists from a diverse range of practices, providing time and space to explore and experiment with their making processes. Keeler-Milne has taken inspiration from the plants of the region and created ink drawings of the local fauna.

Drawing in the studio, Jennifer Keeler-Milne

View from the studio, Jennifer Keeler-Milne

Luckily I am in the villa’s garden are a selection of plants and I quickly found some skeletonise elk horn leaves that I have found to be a great subject for drawing. I continue working on these each day while also looking further afield during walks.

Keeler-Milne has also continued her study of local fauna through photographing flowers with a macro lens – a process she has undertaken for a number of years. These images will inform a series of oil paintings by the artist.Macro lens image, Jennifer Keeler-Milne

paintings in progress in Jennifer’s Newtown studio