Jock Clutterbuck exhibits in The Sculpture Park Wesenberg, Germany

In News September 1, 2016


Situated at the southern entrance of the Müritz National Park, between Berlin and Rostock, Germany sits a new and exciting arts initiative, The Sculpture Park Wesenberg.

On June 25th of this year Jock Clutterbuck was among a selection of internationally renowned artists to have their works exhibited in the inaugural exhibition. Clutterbuck exhibited 50 works in total, both prints and sculptures.

Alongside Clutterbuck’s works, The Sculpture Park showcases 23 large sculptures by various artists installed in the surrounding forest with more than 60 smaller pieces in the adjoining exhibition galleries. This exhibition is committed to the cultural exchange of fine arts between Australian and German artists.

The Sculpture Park Wesenberg, on beautiful Weissensee (White Lake), in the Mecklenburg lake district, also envisions an artist colony between the three towns of Neustrelitz, Mirow and Wesenberg.

Celebrated artists Erwin Fabian and Inge King are among the elite list of artists represented in the exhibition.


To view a video of the opening of The Sculpture Park Wesenberg, please follow this link:

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