Jock Clutterbuck – Review of ‘Wisdom Journey: Prints and Sculpture 1967-72’

In News June 1, 2021

Image above courtesy of Sasha Grishin and Lyn McNally

We are delighted to share Sasha Grishin’s insightful review of Jock Clutterbuck’s current exhibition at Gippsland Art Gallery.

His art and his life are imbued with a mystical philosophy, a profound quest for making sense of our world – the way it functions – and the way things appear in it. He calls this a ‘knowledge journey’. This is not an example of ‘new ageism’ or a tokenistic nod to Zen philosophy or holistic theories of the ‘world spirit’, but a profound, detailed and all absorbing study over many decades of complex and frequently arcane texts.’

‘Wisdom Journey: Prints and Sculpture 1967-72’ is current at Gippsland Art Gallery until 1 August, 2021.

To read the full review, click here.