Marina Strocchi – Featured in The Art of Healing magazine

In News March 7, 2024

Image above: Marina Strocchi  Dusk in the Hills  2023  acrylic on linen  60 x 93 cm

Marina Strocchi’s insightful writing and a selection of her paintings are featured in her article ‘Art & Trauma’ in The Art of Healing magazine.
This piece details Strocchi’s inspiring experience working ‘out bush” with the Indigenous communities in Central Australia.

‘First Nations art in Australia is a unique phenomenon in the indigenous communities of the world. I believe that this uptake of painting in Australian indigenous communities has come about for a number of reasons. Life in a First Nations community is chaotic at times. People live with acute, chronic, complex and intergenerational trauma. Grief is ever present and funerals are never ending. To be able to settle into a painting which connects you to the songs of your grandparents is immediately soothing. Memories of travelling through your country, which may be far away and hard to travel to, can be evoked through the act of painting,” writes Strocchi

“In the world of art therapists, it is well known that the act of painting can take the traumatised person into a zone, or mental and physical state. It is in this zone where the healing begins.”

Image above: Marina Strocchi  Amy in her paddock and the annoying agapanthus  2023  acrylic on linen  122 x 152 cm

Image above: Marina Strocchi  Pictograph 2015  acrylic on linen  55 x 66 cm

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