Marina Strocchi – in Studio International Magazine

In News November 13, 2022

Image above: Marina Strocchi. Photographed by Viki Petherbridge.

Marina Strocchi has been featured in an interview written by Janet McKenzie for Studio International magazine.

“Marina Strocchi’s art is immediately recognisable,” McKenzie writes. “The paintings sometimes appear as pictographs, apparently naive, yet confidently structured, based in an ever-inventive imagination and informed by a personal and intuitively driven intellect… Her work can be seen to capture the mysterious, complex and dichotomous nature of the world, of beauty and injustice.”

In her interview, Strocchi states that, “My first few exhibitions I paid homage to the landscape, in my own way – paying attention to details. After a while, I felt impatient to break out of that homage and I moved into a more linear way of painting and developed a sort of personal set of hieroglyphics to tell stories. The imagery and methods that I experimented with in printmaking in the 1980s sort of came back to me in the paintings. I like to work in series of works – either mini-series or ones that go on for years.”

Read the full interview here.

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The transit of venus (state II)  2020  acrylic on linen  122 x 168 cm. Available for purchase here.

Still Life  2019  acrylic on paper on marine ply  60 x 80 cm. Available for purchase here.

The Escarpment KV grey  2020  acrylic on handmade Indian rag paper  60 x 80 cm. Available for purchase here.

Around the House (Red)  2018  acrylic on linen  122 x 182 cm. Available for purchase here.