Marking Out the Territory: Six Australian Printmakers

In News August 21, 2020

Image above: Hertha Kluge-Pott  Wings of kelp – page 4  2009  Drypoint on orange stained rice paper  edition 6  45 x 50 cm

Marking Out The Territory, a group exhibition at Rebecca Hossack Gallery in London, brings together works by leading practitioners from both the Western and Indigenous traditions of Australian art, including Australian Galleries represented artists G.W. Bot, David Frazer and Hertha Kluge-Pott.

Across a broad range of techniques and styles, the chosen artists all share a common engagement with the land as a site of significant meaning. Through their image-making they investigate our relationship with nature, shedding light on this tension in arresting and unexpected ways.

Canberra-based artist G.W. Bot has developed her own pictorial language of signs and ‘glyphs’ to capture – and communicate – the essence of the ever-shifting Australian environment, with all its extremes of fire and flood, drought and florescence.

In his bravura large-scale woodcuts and linocuts of rural Victoria, David Frazer explores a sense of place, and the emotions of longing, nostalgia and isolation that accompany it – leavened always by the artist’s delicately surreal sense of the absurd.

Now in her eighties, Hertha Kluge-Pott has won numerous accolades for her contribution to the field of printmaking. In her practice she focuses on the turbulent boundaries that exist between the land and its inhabitants, disavowing conventional pictorial structures and compositions to depict her subject ‘upside down and inside out’.

The exhibition runs until September 2020. Click here for more information.


Image above: G.W. Bot  Glyphs – Inside a landscape  2020  Linocut on Jhenzou and Arches paper  edition 25  76 x 35.5 cm


Image above: David Frazer  Waiting for rain  (panel 1, second state)  2013  linocut  edition 50  68 x 63 cm