Michael Buzacott – SLOT Window Gallery 2024

In News February 25, 2024

Image above: Michael Buzacott  Olympia  2024  steel  199 x 130 x 69 cm


SLOT is an independent window gallery dedicated to bringing art to the street. On the busy street between Redfern, Waterloo and Alexandria, the window has captured attention of the passersby and Sydney commuters for more than 12 years. Exhibitions can be viewed 24 hours from the street.

 “It has been a good learning experience considering work combinations, set ups and themes; site and scale issues, the divided window, what would read from slow moving traffic and nighttime illumination. I had an open mind until the last moment when a very new work went happily with something from 2019.

Subject finds me. I just let it happen. Having installed Slot window today I am delighted by the street scape and traffic reflections that splash across the works, across and within the window and the wall. Like goldfish in a bowl. A social space. I am privileged to be among the many who have enjoyed this challenge before me.”

 – Michael Buzacott 2024

Image above: Michael Buzacott in front of the SLOT Window Gallery with the two sculptures Olympia  2024  steel  199 x 130 x 69 cm  and Circus Figure  2019  steel  179 x 70 x 53 cm

SLOT Window Gallery

38 Botany Road, Alexandria NSW 2015

25 February – 30 March 2024

To read more about Michael Buzacott and view a selection of his available works, click here