Peter Wegner in ‘Graeme Doyle – Medicated Man’ – The Dax Centre, Melbourne

In News May 15, 2023

Installation view, Portraits of Graeme Doyle by Peter Wegner

A significant collection works by Peter Wegner are now showing in the exhibition Graeme Doyle – Medicated Man, at The Dax Centre, Melbourne until mid-March 2024.

This extensive exhibition showcases works by prolific artist Graeme Doyle (1947-2021), capturing his lived experiences with schizophrenia, as well as numerous portraits of Doyle by Peter Wegner. Wegner’s paintings highlight Doyle as the subject, capturing moments of vulnerability and the toll of his illness.

“Peter offers insight into my condition; he mightn’t be able to verbalize it, I mighn’t be able to, but he has certainly painted, drawn, and etched it in a remarkable way.” – Graeme Doyle

With a friendship spanning over 38 years, the exhibition offers a great insight into both Wegner and Doyle’s artistic practices.

Located at the University of Melbourne, The Dax Centre is a gallery that aims to raise awareness and reduce stigma towards mental illness through the use of art.

Graeme Doyle – Medicated Man
Opening night
Schizophrenia Awareness Day
Wednesday 24 May 6pm – 8pm
The Dax Centre, 30 Royal Parade Parkville

Guest speakers
Archibald Prize winning figurative painter, Peter Wegner
The exhibition will officially opened by Rob Gerrand – SANE Board member

Exhibition on view until 22 March 2024


Peter Wegner, Graeme Doyle 3, 2002, oil on linen, 30 x 30 cm

Peter Wegner, Graeme Doyle 7, 2001, oil on linen, 23 x 30 cm

Image above: Peter Wegner  Medicated Man  2017,  oil on board,  31 x 28 cm. Private Collection