Peter Wegner wins Rick Amor Drawing Prize

In News July 12, 2016

Peter Wegner has been announced as the winner of the 2016 Rick Amor Drawing Prize, with his drawing Three Days with EM.

The award was judged by artist Nick Mourtzakis, who said of Wegner’s work:

“The immediate experience of a work is always disarming, regardless of the work’s pedigree or degree of accomplishment. When looking at drawing, where the identity of the maker is present in a particularly distinct form, the intensity of the encounter can be alarming. As in all such encounters, one can walk away and hopefully try to forget.

There are many drawings in this exhibition that are compelling, particularly because of the significant relationship that the subject held for the artist and the meanings that are therefore embodied in the works.

This drawing by Peter Wegner, in a most poignant way, brings us into a vulnerable proximity with the suffering other”

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